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Am I maturing?

As I reflect on the growth of my children, amazed at the number of years that have passed since their births, and I see two of them starting families of their own, I begin to consider my own maturity. I'm not talking about how old I am or if I act and look my age. I am speaking of my spiritual maturity.

My rebirth, by the grace of Jesus Christ, was in early 1994. At the one year mark of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, was I talking-the-talk? Was I walking-the-walk at the same time or shortly thereafter? How old was I before I stopped being spoon-fed and began seeking my own spiritual nourishment? When did I start running to Him (in all my decisions, fears, frustrations, and joys)? By the year 2000, was I reading His word regularly? Was I growing in knowledge of Him, able to recognize my Father when He was at work in my life?

If I am to be honest with myself, and with you, I must answer that I have progressed, and regressed. Spiritually maturing sporadically, at best. I have been inconsistent in my spiritual growth, like my gym workouts and my yo-yo dieting.

There is no spiritual age chart to help us determine where we should be in our relationship with The Creator. However, as I know I have been called according to His purpose (Rom. 8:28), and saved so that I may have a life that bears much spiritual fruit for His glory (John 10:10), there is no time left to just sit and ponder. No time left to say, "I'll pray more, study scripture more, witness more...tomorrow." The maturing process starts the very day of rebirth and none of us, not even myself, are guaranteed a tomorrow.

What is your spiritual age? If the Holy Spirit is speaking to you about an area where you need some maturing, listen. Really listen.




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