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Cast Aside

No one should ever feel cast-aside nor should anyone ever feel that their needs are unimportant. Everyone deserves to be heard, cared for, loved and respected.

As I am recovering from shoulder surgery, I find myself having to ask for help with the simplest of tasks. I have been the one for so long to provide care to my family when they were ill or injured; it feels unnatural for me to receive the same care and attention that I have doled-out to others. Receiving this attention, however, leaves me thinking a lot about others who may be alone in their pain. Perhaps they are suffering from an illness or injury while living alone and no one is extending a helping hand, or the help has been turned away because the individual feels undeserving, or perhaps it is a silent, emotional pain that the sufferer is afraid to share for whatever may be the fear. Whatever the case may be, when needs are not met, we feel neglected. Cast-aside. Apart from the rest of society.

After surgery, just 5 days into recovery, I was feeling helpless and frustrated. There are things to be done and bills to be paid. Yet here I sat, inside my four walls I was needing help preparing my own food and getting dressed. Then I had a church member call to check on me. A bowl of soup was brought to my door. A gentleman who I do work for called to check on me and gave me assurance that I am still needed and the work will wait till I am able. A child needed me, not for anymore than to listen and give a little advice and prayer. Each of these reminded me I may be the patient for the moment but I am important and I am needed.

I know God uses every trial in our lives to make us more of who we are meant to be. He has reminded me how important it is to take time to reach out to others who are hurting. I have been able to talk with a friend who is grieving and a friend who had surgery the same week as my own. This also reminds me that while some abilities may be taken away, short or long term, I can still serve the Lord. I am not useless.

I type this today with my left hand while the dominant right remains in a sling. The good news is that I can still lean in and listen for my Father's voice. I can feel His love for me through the care of friends and family.

Father, I am beyond thankful that I can cast all my cares on You, knowing my needs will be met. Help me to never forget to show compassion towards others whose needs may be physical or emotional, bringing them to You in prayer and speaking kindness to them. I ask also that You will make me more aware, Father, of Your children who try to hide behind the mask of, "I'm fine." When their need is greater than You have equipped me to help, give me the guidance and the words to speak that do not leave them feeling abandoned. Help me at all times to point others to You. Amen

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Shannon McNabb
Shannon McNabb
23 janv. 2019

This was my verse of the day on my bible app: Ecc. 4:9-10. I felt it fitting to share here.

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