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Expect More

Updated: Jun 9

As a mom I remember asking my kids to clean their rooms. Now, my oldest child would need a box or a trash bag because he would be cleaning out anything he hasn't used in more than a month. He doesn't like clutter, never has. My middle child, he may or may not get his room cleaned up. If he did, he would be real quick to tell me, "You don't need to come in here. I cleaned." Of course, I'd come in anyways and he would then tell me to not open the closet door. My youngest would make the stacks and piles neater and put all the books back on the shelves and under the bed. Her organization skills differed from mine, no doubt.

Were any of their ideas of cleaning wrong? If you like me, you will probably like the one who keeps the clutter out. Then again, I was often unsettled by some of the items he was clearing out as I could see a possible need for it in the future. They each cleaned even though their rooms did not resemble what they referred to as Momma-clean.

How about cleaning those scrapes when your precious little ones fall down? The sweet, silent moments are overcome by cries for mommy or daddy to pick them up and make their injuries go away. They beg for a band-aid and randomly pull one end back to see if the wound is healed, being met with disappointment.

"Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us." Eph. 3:20, NASB

When I had employees and volunteers under my charge, I knew who I could give certain tasks and I knew the kind of quality work that person would do. Some of the expectations were because of their skillset and some because of their dedication and integrity to doing their best at any task given.

Ability + Character = Expectation

Why do I set expectations on God at a human level when I go to Him? Better yet - WHY DO I STRESS MYSELF OUT TRYING TO DO THINGS ON MY OWN BEFORE I TAKE IT TO HIM?

Paul writes in his letter to the church of Ephesus that God is able to do everything. EVERYTHING. He emphasizes God's ability to do ALL, which leaves no room for limiting His power, and he adds "far more" and "abundantly beyond". Let's break this down. God can do far more than all. He can do abundantly more than all. He can do beyond all. I can begin to list all my needs as a wife, mother, church member, friend, woman, aging person, daughter, get my drift. No more than I can list all my needs, I can barely list all I have asked God to handle for myself and others in my prayers. Now, add to that the list of those things I have on my to-do list and on my calendar that I haven't even asked God to take care of or give me the energy and wisdom to handle. Why? I can do some. I can do a lot. I can do good and great things. I can...because of the next words penned by Paul. "according to the power that works within us".

The power that works within me comes from the Lord. Paul writes a similar message to the church of Philippi to say Christ will give us the strength to do whatever He wants us to do. Great news! The task list just got a bit shorter! I have the power to do what I have to do! So do you! Like that steam mop and vacuum, their internal components have the ability to accomplish what they are made to do - they simply need to be plugged in to the appropriate power source and steered in the right direction. I can push that vacuum all day long across my floors and accomplish nothing but exhaustion. Plug into the power of Christ and see what He can do! Look at your never-ending list and let Him show you what He has assigned you based on the abilities He placed in you.

No more than the band-aid is going to heal instantaneously; I do trust that God has designed the body to heal all wounds. What it cannot do on its own, God has given us the gift of medically inclined minds. Now, my grandbabies know that if they come to me with their fears and their pains, I will do all that is in my ability to take care of them and to dry their tears. My Father will do the same for me and for you. He has the ability to do MORE than ALL. So give it all to Him.

The New Inductive Study Bible, New American Standard Bible. Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon. 2000. Precept Ministries International.

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