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Kill The Spider

by Carlos Whittaker

I highly recommend this book if you are, like I have been, constantly confessing the same sin, promising to not do it again, just to find it being confessed again and again.

Whittaker writes in a very plain and understandable way, like he is sitting in the chair next to you sharing a great big chunk of his own life's story. He has bared his soul to the world between these covers of how he went from leading a worship ministry, singing praises at the top of his lungs, to nearly collapsing on stage and questioning his faith. He learned a lot about himself as an individual, a husband and father, and as a child of God.

This book was recommended by a dear brother in Christ and I am so thankful it impacted him enough to share it with our life group. I purchased the book and stuck it on the shelf. My regret is that I didn't read it sooner.

This is an independent, soul-searching read. I don't know that I would want to read it in a group environment unless I knew the people there very well and was willing to share a bit more of myself than I typically would in groups. Whittaker motivates the reader to look in the darkest corners of our minds and to admit there are things that need to be dealt with in order to stop the spiderwebs, or cobwebs, from being repeat struggles. Until we deal with the spiders (the reasons for our sinful choices) we are not going to get past the webs (the sins). In essence, there is a reason why the alcoholic began drinking in the first place, a reason why the spouse started looking at porn, a reason the employee feels the need to lie to the boss, etc.

My recommendation: Purchase. Read immediately. Share with a friend.


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