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My Dream

by Suzette Williams

Thank you, dear Sister-in-Christ, for allowing me to share.

The Light Within

My Dream

I had a dream some years ago. It was a wondrous sight.

The scene showed darkness all around, but, in its midst, a light.

The light came from a budding rose, its glow so faint within,

But as I watched in wonder, I saw a change within.

The bud began to open up its petals, one by one.

The light within grew brighter as the flower shared the Son.

When the flower was open, it was so hard to see

Because the light that shone from it blazed forth so brilliantly.

The darkness that had been there could no longer stay, you see,

For from the presence of the Light the darkness has to flee. Just

as the flower grew and bloomed to show its Maker's light,

I want my life to do the same; to put the dark to flight.

I want the love of Christ inside to shine for all to see.

May every day show more of Him, and ever less of me!

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