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Updated: Nov 14, 2018

"A light unto my path..." Oh, I wish it were that easy. I wish God would illuminate the path He wants me to take. I wish I could recall where I heard it said that it isn't like being in a dark room where God turns on the light and I can just see everything around me, all the things that I could have bumped into, tripped over, or been otherwise blockaded by. No. He shines a small flashlight at just the object or location He wants me to see in that moment. When I follow that light, He then will shine the light on the next place to step or object He wants me to reach towards. This is so I do not become distracted by other steps I could possibly take or things I could spend my time doing.

As I type this, I am finding myself thinking about going into the kitchen to get a drink. If I see the dirty dishes, I will be tempted to wash them, and wipe the counter, and prepare the coffee maker for the morning, and sweep the floor, and...and...and.... Don't tell me I am the only one who fails to stay on course when I intended to do a simple task.

Let me not be like Jonah, who was given a directive and had to end up in the belly of a fish to finally chart his course to follow God's orders. Or, to be like Moses, who after making excuses time and time again when told God was going to use him to deliver His people; and saw miracle after miracle performed by God's power, he failed to live to experience the promised land. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Oh, boy. I know I have had to ask forgiveness for disobedience enough. I have also known the shame of not following God's prompting and the opportunity of a blessing being gone.

Heavenly Father, I have my plans and they look good on paper. Take those plans. Take my desires. Make every minute of my day Yours. Every word spoken from my lips, every step taken by my feet, every moment lived today be made to glorify You and to do the work You created me to do. Illuminate the part of my path I need to see next so I can take today one step at a time. Lastly, may every step I take bring me more into Your presence where I will find joy and peace, regardless of whatever this world may bring. I only want You. In the name of Jesus, Your one and only Son, given for me-Amen

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